Marmos Financial, established in 2011, is a nationwide tax preparation and advising service based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With location in over 10 cities Marmos Financial has consistently provided a diligent, expedient, and transparent federal and state tax preparation service for individuals, households, and small businesses throughout the United States. In addition to preparation services, our offices also offer IRS Tax Audit Support services. After years of experience, our IRS certified preparers continually provide a professional and positive experience for each of our clients.

Marmos Financial is just one of many under the umbrella of Marmos Companies. Marmos Companies is an Atlanta based company started in 2004 by its Founders Tony and Chanel Uboh. Beginning as a third party loan servicing company, Marmos Companies now spans to several businesses including Marmos Financial, Marmos Motors, Marmos Property Int., Marmos Consulting Group, and its charitable arm, Marmos Community Foundation.
These collective businesses comprise Marmos Companies Inc. while serving as co-independent federally and state registered corporations, and/or LLCs.

Marmos Property Int. the first Marmos Companies subsidiary was established in October of 2005 in

Atlanta, Georgia as a property management company. Marmos Property privately owns and manages

residential and commercial properties as well as offers top notch property management services to land

lords and property investors throughout the Southeast. In addition to property management services,

Marmos Property in 2007 began a Loss Mitigation division, which offered services to homeowners facing

home foreclosure due to the recession of 2007.

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